Your custom beekeeping page will serve as a data repository for your club or class. Each member can share important beekeeping information, such as inspection notes, and hive location and configurations directly from their Hive Tracks account. Track the health and productivity of your club or class' bees over time based on the data being inputted by each member.

When you register, your club or class receives an 20% discount on the total price of all member's annual subscriptions. 

Your bee club or class will receive its own unique beekeeping page. Customize your page with your group's location, icons and photos.

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Register Your Club or Class

Register to receive a custom beekeeping page for your bee club or class. Share yard, hive and inspection data, important announcements and upcoming calendar events.


Paul Cronshaw 
Director of Operations SBBA

Your custom page comes with a community announcement board and calendar for you to post upcoming important news and events.

"The Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association has been using Hive Tracks for several years now with great success. We manage well over 100 hive in Santa Barbara, California and find HiveTracks an invaluable and indispensable tool to monitor and manage all our hives."


Data for each member's account is rolled up, combined, and presented in charts and graphs so that you can get a glimpse into the health and productivity of your club or class' bees. Additionally, you can view individual's data from their account, such as hive configurations and recent inspection data.

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