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Digital apiary management software and analytics tools for tracking large-scale colony health and operational productivity.

About The Software

By popular demand, we have developed a Commercial Beekeeping Apiary Management Solution.

Running a complex business has its own unique challenges, and we are committed to meeting the industry‚Äôs needs. This new platform is designed to give you peace-of-mind, knowing your hives are healthy, productive and secure. Currently, we are engaging select customers in the ongoing development and testing of this new, augmented software platform. 


Real-Time Web-Based Dashboard

Commercial-Grade Mobile Application

Multi-User Capability

Work Flow Assignment & Management

Custom Report Development

Analytics: Scoring, Trending, Alerts





"During the season rush, we tend to miss a few details. Hive Tracks Commercial gives us the ability to capture those details and double-check what we think happened. Having a standard data collection form available in more than one language makes that possible."


Will my data be seen by others?
Can I have multiple logins?
Does it work offline?




No, all data is private to you and those
that you've given access.


Yes, you can have as many unique
logins as you need.


Yes, the mobile apps allow you to work offline in your bee yard and then synchronize with the web application when you return to coverage.




Can I download my data?

Yes, you can create PDF reports as well as download CSV files of your data. 

Is there a version I can download to my desktop or laptop?

No, this is cloud-based software that is accessed via an Internet connection and and Internet-enabled device.

Can I customize my account?

We have a standard data collection form, however, the software is flexible enough to accommodate most data collection needs.

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Going paperless has never been easier. Hive Tracks Commercial provides all you need to deploy mobile forms and manage your data digitally.

Accurate and timely information helps increase productivity and eliminate inefficiencies in your operation.

Reliable data ensures proper reporting for fulfilling pollination contracts, monitoring spring splitting, and estimating honey production colonies.

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