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During the season rush, we tend to miss a few details. Hive Tracks Commercial gives us the ability to capture those details and double-check what we think happened. Having a standard data collection form available in more than one language makes that possible.


How do I access it?
Can I have multiple users?
Does it work offline?



Yes, you can have as many unique user accounts as needed.


Yes, the mobile apps allow you to work offline in your bee yard and then synchronize with the web application when you return to coverage.




Can I download my data?

Yes, data can be exported as well as downloaded as PDF reports.

What does it cost?

This is cloud-based software that is accessed via an Internet connection and and Internet-enabled device.

How do I get started?

We'd love to speak with you about joining our group of commercial beekeepers. To get started, please submit an inquiry at the top of the page.

Data Management

Digital Apiary Management Solutions 

We focus on honey bee health, beekeeping optimization, and the honey bee's direct connection to global food production.  

Digital Apiary Management Software to efficiently track important apiary data: locations, management actions, and production directly from the field

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Commercial beekeeping is a dynamic business that requires daily management decisions based on key data about your operation. Hive Tracks Commercial gives you the timely and accurate information you need to make informed decisions to run a highly efficient and productive commercial beekeeping operation.

No More Paperwork


Going paperless has never been easier. Hive Tracks Commercial provides all you need to deploy mobile forms and manage your data online with ease.

Track crew's progress throughout the day and give feedback on the fly, and ensure the day's work is accomplished.

Real-Time Yard Data

Accessible Anywhere

Reliable data ensures proper reporting for fulfilling pollination contracts, monitoring spring splitting, and estimating honey production colonies.

Data at your fingertips keeps you informed and helps you plan for the challenges of tomorrow, anywhere, at anytime.

Lead Manager / 3,000 Hives

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Simplified Data Management